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Fire in my Heart

Cynthia Brando and Donna Lynn Caskey

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Written by Cynthia Brando and Donna Lynn Caskey Vocals: Cynthia Brando and Donna Lynn Caskey Guitar: Cynthia Brando Banjo: Donna Lynn Caskey

Engineered by Cynthia Brando

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Idyllwild Songwriters Festival

Spirit Mountain Retreat, 25661 Oakwood st., Idyllwild

Will be doing a set with Ed Tree. The Idyllwild Songwriters Festival is a free, outdoor public event presenting a diverse cross section of local, regional, national and international singer songwriters under the high mountain pines. The event raises funds for the Idyllwild Help Center, and is preceded by a Listening Room Songwriting Retreat, with participant songs debuted on the festival.
Other artists include:

Amilia K Spicer, Will Hawkins, Lisa Sanders & Brown Sugar, Alan Roy Scott, Cynthia Brando, James Combs, Tia Adamson, Nick Justice, Lisa Turner, Dave Preston.